About Phil Booth

Philip Booth started his electronics career by entering into an apprenticeship with Te Puke Refrigeration & Electrical Ltd back in 1969. He completed his apprenticeship as a TV & Radio serviceman and worked in the repair industry in Te Puke & Kawerau for around 15 years before beginning his business ventures with the first retail outlet in Kawerau called Jackson & Booth Ltd which sold a range of white ware and brown ware . For instance the first video machines were around $2500 and he carried the Leonard range of refrigeration made by F&P . His apprenticeship included repairing irons & toasters , vacuum cleaners etc. . He advanced to valve radio and valve TV before moving to solid state radio & TV and did many of the TV aerial installations around the town .

At that point Philip saw the value of actually selling home appliances and his first retail venture was a partnership with Dennis Jackson from Kawerau . Philip had moved to Kawerau from Te Puke in the 70,s after getting married to his first wife Wendy . Philips father Vic Booth had run a company in Te Puke called Bayliss & Booth Ltd so business was in the blood .
In 1983 Philip moved back to Te Puke and purchased an existing home appliance business formally called Te Puke Home Appliances. He operated in the premises next to the BNZ for a number of years before purchasing the Kings building before upgrading the premises and moving in .The people of Te puke were so impressed at the new look that they presented Philip with a congratulations and flowers .
Philip employed his wife and brother in the first premises for a short time , then Tom Howie , Jim & Brian , Jamie Hayter , Ben Booth , David Wilkinson , Dane Attwood, Matthew Baskett and James Altena .

Philip used Phil Booth as his business name which went from Phil Booth TV & Audio to Phil Booth Appliance Court to Phil Booth Retravision to Phil Booth Appliance Spot and finally to 100% Phil Booth as two different buying organisations were joined .

At the time of writing the business is still going strong as of May 2018 and Philip doesn't intend to retire . He has a large freezer he figured will fit him when he can no longer stand up and sell and says he will be buried in it . His current staff includes Phil Wallace(Wal), Rachel Jessup and Lisa Lear